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Flexible Neck Tablet Stand

  • Immerse yourself in creation, productivity, gaming, entertainment while enjoying a hands free, eye-level and back straight posture.

    ✅ Excellent compatibility for cellphones and tablets between 4.7" - 12". It is also compatible with Kindle and Nintendo Switch.
    ✅ Adjustable height from 11.4" to 18.1", 360 degree rotatable.
    ✅ Comfortable viewing angles and ergonomic eye-level height. Perfect for watching videos, viewing photos, reading, typing, video recording and playing games.
    ✅ Sturdy and stable aluminium crafted column, stable counterweight round base with anti slip silicone pad, balances and supports screen touching stabilisation.
    ✅ Easy installation. No screws required, simply connect all of the separate parts by rolling into the grooves.

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